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Kevin, I am meeting tomorrow with NAR, Fannie, wells, chase, FHA, and others at an e-signature summit. Your stories over the past few years have fueled the activity at NAR and have served to give context to the problems we seem to be having with acceptance. Any updates or recent stories you want me to relate to the group during my lunch keynote tomorrow?



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Please share your experiences here ASAP.

I can not believe that this is even a discussion!  I am a Keller Williams agent and every single agent at KW has an electronic signature program provided to them and I can only assume that most other companies do the same thing.  On short sales and REO, I always try the electronic signature for ease, speed and clarity and most of the banks reject them because the do not accept electronic signatures.  What infuriates me is when they reject, we have to get them wet signed and the copy becomes fuzzy and the processor wants clean copies.  We spend the time to get cleaner copies, overnight mail and the bank returns with THEIR SIGNATURE SIGNED ELECTRONICALLY! 

Every electronic signature can be tracked, wet signatures can be signed by anyone.  

I do not have any experiences with it really, as it seems they are never accepted the few times I tried.

And Jeff you are right! It has always been so infuriating that the banks will send back electronic signatures but they won't accept them.

Especially with short sales there are alterations to paperwork that can be necessary to move a "file forward" and not all my clients have the ability or time to get documents signed and returned on the banks time line without breaking their back.

Electronic signatures seems like the easiest way to keep transactions on a fast track. They seem less wasteful, at the very least with time and paper and are definitely more traceable. I would promote this to my clients if it were a feasible alternative.

I agree with Jeff Payne...Electronic signatures can be tracked, but anyone can sign a wet signature. For many of my clients who are divorced and one has moved to another town, electronic signatures make it easier to get the documents back within the time frame that the banks call for. Some of my clients do not have scanners or fax machines in order to send back paperwork that they physically have to sign, so sometimes there is a week delay in my getting these docs back because the client literally has to go to a Kinkos or fedEx office to send me back the paperwork..Electronic signatures just make sense in this day and age.

yes  electronic signatures ARE easier for all involved, etc.... but I was told by several attorney's and whether they are correct or not.....  they said, and I quote:  "The banks don't want to allow docusign or electronic signatures because....

it would be viewed as "robo'signing" and remember...only the BANKS can get away with "robo signing"....not anyone else...

but it's NOT considered "ROBOSIGNING" when THEY do it...  ain't bein on the other side...grand???:::)))


Kevin, Thank you for taking the lead in this effort!  E-signatures should be accepted, it's also the law - reference the E-Sign Act of 2000



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