Has anyone ever dealt with Dakota Asset Services with respect to reimbursements for repairs through LPS.  They have assigned me an REO which needs $12,500 in repairs.  They want me to pay for all repairs and then upload for reimbursement through LPS.  I feel this amount is excessive.  They say this is their policy and they will not allow me to upload the contractor to be paid directly.  If anyone has had experience with this asset company I would sure appreciate some background information.  Thanks in advance.

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Dakota Asset Services does pay on time and are good to work with. That does seem a bit excessive however.

Not in your marketing area do you mind me asking how this turned out and what was required E and O coverage?  Thank you.

I retained the services of an attorney for their opinion in paying the excessively high figure.  Per the attorney, under Oregon law I'm breaking CCB rules and regs if I were to pay the reimbursement directly to the subs.



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