Has anyone had an experience with the new company that Citi has hired named National Quick Sales? What a joke!!! Cutting commissions and telling me that my client does not qualify for HAFA when she definitely meets the eligibility requirements!!!!

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National Quick sales is not a new company, they have been around for quite a while.  You have to remember that they think their job is to stall, delay and deny.    I for one think it is a good thing when they dont qualify for HAFA because HAFA is a huge waste of everyones time.  I would much rather pursue a traditional short sale, especially with CITI because they have always given my sellers a full release. You may want to escalate this to CITI
I agree with Jeff 100% on his thoughts about HAFA.  HAFA has been a waste and a complete joke.  Not to get off topic on this thread but we've always gotten a full release from Chase too.  My last Chase was a 6 month ordeal..full release.  I don't think we could have pulled it off if it was HAFA.

Hi Jeff, I know that company is not new but I have never had Citi put my short sales with them. aI have been doing short sale for almost 10 years now. Long beofre it was the norm that is for sure, I called Citi yesterday and they told me that they could not do anything for me that National Quick Sales paid them for that loan. NQS also is trying to tell me that Citi only pays out 5% commission when I know I have nevr received less than 6%. I just closed one with Citi that I received 6% on. It is just getting to be a joke anymore with these banks. I have asked my good friend Congressman Tim Scott to do a congressional inquiry into some of these especially the Fannie Mae ones we have issues with. I have one with BOA that Fannie has declined almost all reasonable offers on for 19 months!



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