UNtil today I dont know.

Its been 10 days.

We have provided tax information with shareholders info stating there is husband and wife sharing 50/50.

We have provided certified copy of Statement of Information.

WE have provided A letter signed by both members.

If you know about LLC in California, please help me!! Please!! Im lost!!

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  • In the states I work in, this information is available from the Secretary of State, online, free access.


      Well, I had check the website (www.sos.ca.gov does not provide the articles online)  and I have the Articles of Organization and the Operating agreement.  I looks like I had everything.  However, the Agreement itself was missing that part.  Now, the buyer is getting his attorney to drawn another one STATING ALL MEMBERS!!

      So yeap, buyer failed right there.  BOFA cancelled.  I have stated equator today again, and since valuation is already good, I expect a quick approval.

      SO no more crying, got info, and I am moving forward to close this one!

      Thanks to all!

  • Articles of Organization - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Articles_of_Organization

    It should be filed with your Secretary of State.

  • Forgot to say they are not taking any of this.

    • Yes, when you first formed your LLC. Sometimes it can be only 1 sheet, sometimes it is more detailed.

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