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I have a file where M & T bank has the loan and Bayview Loan Servicing is handling the short sale. I submitted the offer on 1/9 and was told it was received and I would have a negotiator assigned within one week who would order the BPO. It has now been over 3 weeks and still I have not been contacted by a negotiator or bpo agent. I keep calling into Bayview but they haven't been able to get me to anyone who can confirm that anything is happening or we are on track. Does anyone have any contacts at Bayview that they could provide that might help me get this file past the initial state so that it can be assigned and the bpo ordered? Thank!!

Joshua Gayman


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  • My suggestion would be to get on the phone with Bayview and ask to be escalated to the manager.  If their is a negotiator assigned then they will probably direct you to the negotiator to fix the issue before letting their manager hear a complaint.

  • Try and use this processor as a contact and see if she can help you. The response time after emailing is between 48-72 hours.

    I received my approval and we lost the buyer due to the counter being to high for the buyers. But when I found a new buyer and submitted offer I got the approval within a month. They are quick once it's assigned...

    • Yeah, We've done a few more since I posted this original entry. With all of them,it has been super slow to get the BPO ordered, then easy approvals quickly from there

      • Thanks - the BPO was done this week, and the file appears to be complete.  Would love a quick approval on this one...


  • Unfortunately, I am in the same boat.  Even the managers over there do not return phone calls.  If anyone finds out who to call, please let me know.  (520) 481-3695 or

    • My short sale finally closed with Bayview.  Once the paperwork was all submitted and the BPO done, we closed in 30 days.  They waived the deficiency, paid an attorney fee and paid full real estate commission.  Hang in there. We had a snag with the way they wanted their financials submitted and finally used a spread sheet of our own and they accepted it.

  • Have you gotten anywhere?  I submitted a short sale packet on 1/18/2012. Still twidling my thumbs trying to get a call back as to an update or some kind of movement. I have gotten no where....BPO still not ordered. Grrrrr....If you found a contact please let me know. I have a contact for Bayview and I went to her for help but she is in a different division and couldn't help.

    • I am still waiting for an offer, but I can tell you, that my sellers were victims of Taylor Bean & Whitaker being shut down.  The servicing went to Cenlar, then to Bayview.  These sellers obtained an attorney because Cenlar was absolutely horrible when they tried to get a modification.  I am hoping that it will go smoothly.  The title company is on the money, so we shall see what happens.  It is very frustrating when there is no communication.  I will let you know, but at this point, all that Bayview has acknowledged receiving, is the LOA.  They did not want any other paperwork until we get a contract.

      • I've just submitted a SS packet with offer to Cenlar, then was bumped to Bayview. I've been told that my asset manager is Debra Ashford, but no response as yet.


        • This is the processor that helped me. Hopefully she'll be able to direct you somewhere. Have you tried emailing Debra. I know that they love doing buisness by email more often then phones. At least my person does. use the same email structure for your person.



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