Hello All,

I just had BankerREO contact me for REO work. Ive been doing short sale exclusively for the past 5-6 years but figured why not diversify.

If you have any feedback please let me know. If I should check with another Forum that is specifically REO please forward me the link.



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OH MY GOD!!!!  I am going to copy and paste my HUGE BUYER BEWARE rip off report of them here for you guys again. It was posted in another short sale forum The short sale guide out of FL....I blogged about them and have saved numerous agents from being ripped off by these people.. they used to be ABSREO...still the same people out of a suburb in Chicago. DO NOT give these people any money  please!!!  Their scam is they give u 1 BPO to do at $50 right off the bat...and u will NEVER see any BPO's or LISTINGS PERIOD!!!  So for the $349 or $395 or possibly MORE now that they are trying to charge you...you will PAY YOURSELF to do the BPO...out of your initial funds you give them...wow!!! DUH!!!

RUN!!!! RUN FAST and FAR AWAY!!!!  These idiots have even tried to approach me again after I blogged about them.

google  BANKER REO SCAM and you'll see my blog rant come up about them... Sheyenne Schultz 310-429-4170 [email protected]

They contacted me several times, I filled out there application and they told me that had listings for me but I never pursued it. I do some REO and none of my bank contacts had ever heard of them.

Thanks for letting me know. I forwarded all their docs to my legal dept for review. 



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