Have a FHA BOA short sale listing that right as we were getting an approval the another department within BOA filed a claim with FHA and now it is is with AMS Servicing which means it is now conventional terms. They have been a complete pain. Have been doing short sales for 9 years and this is the first one ever that I have had do this and a complete disaster. Will not allow for HAFA. Says it does not qualify. BPO was done and came in at $155,000 yet AMs countered back at $169,000 and now the winter storm has created issues which means broken pipes and complete horrible water damage that insurance had to be filed and AMS will not release the insurance company to write check to homeowner seller to get unit fixed. The nightmare continues. I asked for a variance from the investor and AMS refuses to comply with request. They are now lying to me stating the buyer has to buy it as is and they will now reduce to $158,000 which my contract is $155,000 and we had better close by 1/27 since they have a foreclosure scheduled 2/4. That is a lie since everything had been canceled once the FHA claim was filed and no lis pendens has been filed yet. Has anyone here had any issues like this? I have a 100% close rate on short sales till this one!!! Hope someone can seriously give me some help here!!!

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