Can you get HAFA with FHA?  What is a Treasury HAFA?

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No. FHA has to be handled as FHA Pre Foreclosure Sale.

That's what I thought but I just heard from an Agent that said he was able to do HAFA with FHA and I was questioning it.

The Agent was misinformed or mispoke.  HAFA is not available for FHA, VA or USDA Loans.

Thanks for reassuring me.

What is a Treasury HAFA? - HAFA for Loans not backed by Fannie or Freddie as well as those not insured by FHA, or VA.

Great thanks

or USDA.

doesn't matter.  If the Loan is FHA Insured they must follow the FHA Guidelines for Loss Mit.

Kevin, do you have an escalation phone number for USDA?



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