I am having issues with Wells Fargo on every single file I have with them. Does anyone have a good contact or escalation process?

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Have you reached out to the executive office?

[email protected]



Yes and they are not exactly helpful either.. Randy Crooks @ Their Executive number was not exactly thrilled that I called. He refused to let me speak to his manager or to give me any other information on who to talk to with issues.. I also called the escalation process number and after holding for 40 minutes it cut me off.

So frustrated..I leave messages and no one calls back. I open files in equator and they close them out for no reason. This has happened several times now. 

MEEEE TOOOO!  They're making me CRAZYYY!  (ok, thanks for the vent) lol

I just can't seem to get anyone to answer me.

This one is pretty cut n dried with a relo for military transfer but it's not only taking 5 months, but no one will ever answer

my emails in Equator.

Yeegads! I'm hoping for a merry Christmas present here.  =/

That is exactly what I am dealing with. It is frustrating. The guy at the executive office is basically just reading notes and not willing to do anything to assist..  I am climbing the ladder trying to get someone with some authority to help. At the very least they need to know what is going on to be able to fix it..  

If you get anyone to help you or an email address will you send it to me??? [email protected] 



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