I really need someone to help me on this one...... My short sale team has been working on this short sale for 2 yrs and we ALWAYS had an offer on it.  They have done about 6 BPOs and appraisals.  The short sale team calls them once a week for updates and if they have a sell date, nothing of coarse.  The bank keeps responding that they are waiting for the file to go into under writing but nothing yet.  As the team was searching for something else they seen that this home was foreclosed a few weeks ago.  When she called the bank, the bank did not even realize that has happened.  The seller has not been informed and still living in the home and buyer is still waiting to buy.... Has this ever happened to you or can you please tell us how to fix this..... 

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Yes, but it was B of A and FHA. The bank said "oh Well". FHA told B of A to file in court to reverse, bank said no. FHA put a claim block on the guaranteed payment to B of A. That got wheels turning and the short sale was completed. So I would say work with the bank and investor. Assuming your State is non-judicial like mine, Missouri.



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