We have been negotiating a Short Sale in Florida since July. SPS finally accepted offer mid November with a close on or before 12/19. Title Company was working on IRS Tax Lien release. Broker said he spoke to SPS and received a verbal extension. IRS released lien 12/24, close date due to holidays 12/29. Wired cash funds to Title Escrow account 12/26. SPS refused to allow us to close yesterday because of the delay and are refusing to file paperwork to postpone Foreclosure Auction through Clerk of Courts scheduled for 1/7/15. Sellers Broker is filing a motion to reschedule. What is your opinion on this scenario? Do I ask for my money or portion of from the Title Company, void the contract and get the funds deposited to participate in the Auction or hope for the extension approval? This has been every nightmare heard and read. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Escalate to the Ombudsmen office via phone and email. Send all supporting documents, keep trying and following up.

Thank you Mary. I am hopeful the broker has done this. At this point, not convinced they are not as aggressive as they could be.



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