I am about to take a short sale listing tomorrow where the first and only lien is with Specialized Loan Services LLC.  I have noticed that many of the members in this forum have SLS as a 2nd.  Has anyone had them for a 1st lien, and what has been your experience? This is the first time I have ever dealt with SLS.  I appreciate your advise. 

From everything I have read on their website, it looks like you wait until you have an offer before submitting the SS package.  Is that correct?


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Hello Kelly,

I am currently working on a short sale that is a 1st only with SLS. My clients loan was sold to SLS about the sametime he was in default on another investment property loan with Capital One that I was able to settle with short sale.

So far I'm not having very good luck with them responding back on an offer I submitted. Everytime I call I get a different person and no one has seemed to have any sense of urgency or really no what they are doing.

Have you had any luck with them?


Hi Kimmie,

I am sorry I have not replied before now.  I must have missed the email.

The process is slow.  I am just finishing up on my 2nd short sale with them, where the loan was the one and only.  I think they are mostly geared toward 2nds and 3rds and are not as familiar with being the 1st and only loan.  With them you have to be persistent.  If they say to call back in 5 days to see if they received your docs, or they have started the review, and should know something within 5 days, call on day 3.  More than likely they have failed to already do something that they promised you, and this way you will not waste 2 more days to find out that they need something else, even though you have already submitted it.

The problem, as you stated, is that you only get to talk to a different customer service representative, and you have to explain to them, all over again, what is happening.  They will then tell you that they are going to put in foir a rush, but of course, when you call in 3 days later, you discover that whatever needed to be done, is still undone.

The first short sale I did with them, went like clockwork and was easy and fast.  Amazing, I know.

The second short sale has taken forever.  I have finally received the approval and we are scheduled to close on June 28th.  We started the process with an offer back in September of 2012.  We are on offer number 4.  When I realized that they were going to continue to cause delays, I insisted, and would not get off the phone, until I spoke with the customer rep's supervisor, and then I insisted that they have the assigned negotiator call me.  When I heard nothing from the negotiator, I called in again, and spoke with another supervisor, and this time I got them to transfer me to the negotiator.  He answered!  I then got his persona extension, and from that point on, except for a couple of times, I got him when I entered in his extension.  It was at that point that things started happening.

I hope that helps, somewhat., BTW prayer works wonders!



I have a Short Sale with SLS it was through B of A but it was recently sold to them. The customer service call center seems nice but haven't had my negotiator call me, I call twice a week for updates but have yet to receive any calls back. I was told that the contact person is Stephen and Angela is the closing agent.

This is a loan with SLS as the first and there is a private party loan for the second.

How did your transaction go? Did it close okay?

Any help would be helpful, thank you.


Update of the listing with SLS it closed today! Yes! It  took 11 months and it is finally over.

Went through 4 buyers due to the slow response with SLS, the biggest problem was that they do not give you an email to your negotiator or a direct number. You will receive an extension and if they are in you may even get to talk to them.

Emails take 3-5 days faxes take 5-7 days once you are closing you will get a special email address that they actually get the same day.

They are loan servicers so it's in their best interest to prolong the loan.

I had to file a complaint with the OCC at one point, hope it goes better for you.


Hi Ann.  I am taking a short sale listing tomorrow, one loan SLS.  The loan was transferred from BofA.  Did you find the SLS short sale docs on line anywhere?  Do you have a good SLS contact name and phone number I can keep on file for potential problems?

The listing that I had was transferred from B o f A as well. You can go on their website for the forms at www.sls.net  The contact information is:

8742 Lucent Blvd Suite 300 Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

Phone: 1-800-306-6059 Fax: 720-241-7526

When you submit their third party authorization be aware it takes them 3-5 days if you email and 5-7 days if you fax. They are slow to respond, I called them three times a week and stayed on them. You will not get a direct phone number for your negotiator when you get assigned but will get an extension, and they do not have a direct email address. Don't mean to sound negative but just want to give you a heads up. They are the servicers for the loan, not the note holder so they have investors that they answer to.

Always make sure you have the loan number address and your Sellers name on all correspondence. You will need the last four digits of the main borrower on the loan social security number, they will ask you each time you call. Your company, contact info, property address, borrowers names, last four digits of the social security. They are scripted to ask the same questions and each time you call they will let you know how much your Seller owes.

Wish I could give you a good contact number but there isn't any. Just keep on them and you'll be fine.

Best of luck to you and your clients.

Thanks Ann, good info.



Hi Pam,

Almost forgot [email protected] is the email info. After emailing the documentation follow up with phone call and let them know you sent it. I keep a written conversation log on all my files, it helps when you have dates, times, and discussions to refer back to. They record your conversations unless you request them not to. 

Best of luck,



Good morning Ann. I see here you were successful in closing at least one short sale with the SLS organization, as servicer for the Investor. I know it has been some time, since you did so...but I may have some questions for you...One SLS representative who does not seem helpful at all, Tony, emphasized using "active" listings for comps? ~ in order to dispute an "Over-Valued BPO", which we absolutely have to--The first BPO came in right on the nose where it should be, & we could have closed asap at that point, & then suddenly a 2nd BPO was ordered, which came in $20k - $25k higher in value, which is impossible...the property deteriorated in value within 3 months...it certainly did not "Increase" in value, and an earlier appraisal came in lower than the 1st BPO... The second BPO, ordered by Freddie Mac, every 90 days (Without appearing ignorant, I must explore the reasoning behind that...can you speak to that at all... how Freddie Mac supports ordering a new BPO every 90 days...and these are NOT Appraisals of course~)  ~ We are all realtors here...and should try to work together as best we (all) can... but when a 2nd BPO comes in significantly higher than the first (accurate) BPO...it is irresponsible not to suspect an ulterior motive/agenda

I saw something interesting that you mentioned...that as the servicer for the loan, the servicing company, in this instance, SLS, has incentive to continue "servicing" the loan, rather than expediting a "Short Sale", curtailing the fees they receive from the investor. Such a simple concept, and yet, I had not examined that aspect ~ I will check back in. "Thank you" for sharing your helpful information.

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