Unbelievable.  I had a listing in the Richmond area that has been under contract for a year - seller lives in Japan.  SLS holds both first & second - but, according to them, even though it is the same bank, it is, in their eyes, 2 different banks that hold the mortgages and they don't communicate with each other.  SLS continued to ask for bank statements, but apparently in Japan, the banks there do not produce monthly statements like US banks do, but you can get a ledger accounting of your bank account, which is in yen.  SLS could not figure this out and kept asking for monthly bank statements.  My seller finally had the manager of the Japanese bank put something in writing stating that banks over there do not issue monthly bank statements.  Talked to SLS at the end of May, and was told by the negotiator that once she got all the documents from me via fax (which was sent to them on May 29), she would order the valuation.  Yesterday, I got a call from an agent who said he opened the lockbox and the key in the lockbox would not open the door.  It appears that SLS sent out someone to go in and change the locks on the house, as well as cut the grass!  When I asked the agent if he was there to do the valuation, he said no, that he wanted to look at the house since it was being sold at auction at the courthouse at 2:30 that afternoon.  My seller says that he never received notification that foreclosure auction had been scheduled.  SLS did not indicate any foreclosure auction was scheduled.  In doing a little digging around, it appears that the foreclosure sale date was set on 5/20/15 for auction on 6/16!  It is now too late to do anything and my seller is devastated!  SLS horrible to deal with!

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