Got in a hurry and made an error in the worksheet for a Chase short sale offer.  After submitting the "in error" worksheet, I immediately received the first volley of "tasks" for that incorrect offer.  I did not complete any of these tasks, however I still have a few days to do so, if that's the ultimate solution.

After receiving tasks for Offer 1, and unable to determine how to correct the worksheet, I hit the "New Offer" button, and re-loaded the correct Offer 1 worksheet information, but submitted as "Offer 2".  No tasks for Offer 2 ever posted by Chase.

Bottom line...Any way to correct worksheet data once the worksheet has been submitted?  I've asked Chase, but no response from anyone who was copied.  Yes, the net to Chase for "incorrect Offer 1" is $5K higher than the corrected "Offer 2". 

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      There is no way to simply just correct what was submitted. You will need to have the task kicked back to submit a new offer. It sounds like you may have resolved it, but you need to just confirm with the negotiator that they are reviewing the correct offer. I'd send them a message in equator and call in to the short sale department to have them send the negotiator a message as well. If you do not hear back within 24-48 hours call the Office Of The President. I wouldn't be too concerned about this little mishap, as it happens. It's just important that you get a hold of the negotiator and confirm that at this point in time he is reviewing the correct offer amount.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me as my door is always open.


[email protected]

Thanks Brett,

The damage has been repaired, and we're (hopefully) cruising to close on the 16th.

Appreciate your input and offer.





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