Hi, I am using the Equator System for the first time.  I am just starting the initiate short sale process.  There is the drop down box for "Reason for Default" - there is no "other"?  Reason for Default is not listed.  What should I choose?  If I choose something can I change it later?  TIA

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You must select one of the hardships listed. Once you select one, it will open up another list of questions to answer regarding the specific hardship you selected.   You will not be able to change it later, but as long as you have the hardship letter specifically identifying the reason, you will be okay.  This is done as a "tracking" method, as I am told.  It's best to select the first one, print it out; select the 2nd one, print it out; etc.  Invariably, you will be using this again, and again with other sellers.  It's nice to know all the answers up front, but that's usually  not the case.

Thank you Celeste.  The hardship is so far from what is listed I don't know how I will choose.  

What is the Reason for Default?  Be aware, that the system will also ask you "What is the 2nd reason for default?"  So maybe you should relay the list to the seller and ask them what they would pick for their 1st reason and 2nd reason

The reason is a Military PCS 

I would call Customer Service and see what they tell you.  Isn't there one on there that has to do with Military?  Maybe select that one, but you'll still have to select a 2nd one.

Customer Service as in Equator?  They will not answer the question.  No there isn't any choice to do with military on the first drop down.  Maybe when I get to the second selection.  I am uploading documents now. 

Customer Service with the bank you are working with - BOA perhaps?

Thanks Celeste, I did speak with BOA and they really had no idea.  I was told to choose the one most close to the situation.  I picked curtailment of income and they thought that would be the best.  Once a negotiator is assigned we will get to explain it.   They didn't realize that PCS is an approved hardship.  Ugh.  Thanks for all of your help. 



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