I am sorry if this has been asked before.  I am ready to pull out my hair so I have lost my patience to search.  Question is.  I have been uploading my PDF's  - I then safe to submit later.  I needed to change a couple of documents and for some reason thought I could just upload a new pdf and the old would be replaced - nope not happening.  How do I replace an incorrect form for a correct one.  I am uploading client financial data. Thanks!

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I will answer my own question in case someone else is searching.  I contacted Equator and their response was you can't.  

Dear JO,
   Thank you for contacting Equator, if you need to make changes to documents that were already uploaded, you will need to refer to the lender. The lender may assign a new task or request that you upload it into the library. documents uploaded are not removed or replaced unless the lender removes them.

Just place them on the library. Some lenders (Wells Fargo) will have to send you a task to do so others you can just go in and add them.

Thanks BB,

I was working on BOA so they task me.  I had them delete everything so I could resubmit.  Worked fine. 

Yes there is no deleting of files.  They don't want you erasing the paper trail.



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