Just curious if anyone else is having issues with Equator today?   I have been trying to input the HUD info on one of my transactions and it won't save the information or allow me to input more than one field before it freezes.  Anyone else experiencing problems?  Any feedback would be helpful - thank you!

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as long as you see you doc was uploaded, you don't have to have the green okay after clicking save in order to submit the file.  if you have everything in then it will still submit.  that is the case with any file. 

Thanks Sheila but that is not the problem.  There is no place to upload the HUD in .pdf format.  Equator gives me a form that is like the HUD and wants me to fill it in manually.  I start by filling in 'contract sales price' which is starred for example, and the screen freezes and will not allow me to input into any other fields or 'save and submit.'  Likewise, it will not allow me to 'save and submit later.'  I have an email in to the processor, perhaps we'll be able to figure it out.  Thanks anyway though!



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