BOA file disappears right after we are told that approval will be received next week

The message stated "declined" "failed internal quality review"

Does anyone have a clue what this means?

I have successfully had approval for this property before but the buyer walked.

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Same thing happened to me last week. Actually 3 of my files got shut down. I even called the executive resolution team and put disputes about it. After couple days, one of asset manager just msged me and told me that the file may get declined even after the final approval. I replied him that i need more details but no responses til now. The other file was waiting for the approval and got disappeared but i kept the nego's phone number and finally reached out to her and she told me to re open the case for me but nothing's happening right now. I guess the system has problems. 

Kathy, I have the same problem; yesterday the bank countered offer and today declined. Did you solved this problem?

Did the counter expire? BOA counter's expire in 3 days. So if the counter worksheet was not sent back in time, the file would of been closed out.



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