BOA has been extremely strict recently with their "reserve the right to pursue deficiency" clauses. Can anyone figure out if BOA will adopt the HAFA rules of no deficiency?

Voluntary? Mandatory? Per investor?

I guess we'll all find out soon.

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HAFA is a guideline not a LAW
HaFa is good only for NON FANNIE Mae and FREDDIE Mac loans. It will make NO difference at all. Hafa is a joke which was created by Obama to get more % points to his popularity rating.

Hello! Does anybody know the current amount that HAFA allows towards a second mortgage?

I have gotten the Waiver of Deficiency in all 3 of the BOA Short Sale Programs .. so yes it can be done.  However, if the borrow has money .. they may be less willing.

 does anyone have the fax number to HAFA?

I use to do these regularly but this is my first HAFA (BofA file) I've done in forever.

I looked thru the SSS  web & can't find it!

I need to submit this short sale  quick!

Thanks so much!



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