Has anyone else had this happen?

The file is created in Equator, by bank because seller contacted them and told them I would be handling their short sale.  The address is wrong in Equator because it doesn't match what the bank has on file.  The bank then asks that you get the address on everything in the contract and HUD1 revised to match what they have on Equator in order to move the file forward.   You let them know that the title commitment has the address you have on the contract and HUD1 and that these are how the file needs to be closed.   You let them know that the bank will need to get a corrected address change processed to match the title. 


They still ask you to change the contract and HUD1 so they can move the file forward and then they will work on getting an address changed.  How messed up is that? For starters, try and get the title company to accommodate you on that request.  Then you go and spend wasted time getting the whole contract changed to an address that isn't correct and WE WILL NEVER USE in order for them to move the file forward?????  Then they will work at getting the address corrected in Equator??????????????


I told the bank that I will not get docs changed and that they have to get the address corrected first and then if there are docs that need changes then we can work at getting these done. 






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Happens regularly to me. Its a conundrum when the address the bank has in its records may be an invalid address. I usually figure out what is the shortest path to a solution which sometimes means doing what the Equator folks request and sometimes not. If you think that's annoying, try and do a short sale with Ocwen. Ocwen kept having me redo ALL documents because I only had the 5 digit zipcodes in my contracts and Ocwen's paperwork had a 9 digit zipcode. OMG



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