The property went to foreclosure sale in 8/20/15. Michigan is a redemption state so we have 6 months from 8/20/15 to complete the short sale. I received an offer on the property and submitted the offer 11/16/15. I called back a few days later and the first mortgage told me that they could not move forward with the short sale because short sale approval was not issued 3 months before (11/20/15) the end of redemption (2/20/15)... I have never had any bank say this to me in 3 years...? I usually work on it up until the end of redemption. Who can I contact in PNC Mortgage that will have the authority to move things along? how do I escalate the issue?

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I have my first short sale with pnc right now. It has been horrible. They were asking for a minimum net proceeds 40,000 over their appraised value. I asked who the investor was (freddie mac), sent my authorization over to them, and escalated with them. Freddie Mac was super helpful. If you can't get anywhere with pnc try to work the investor angle? 



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