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Customer service 800-523-8654


PNC Mortgage
Attention: Central Receipts
HAMP Bldg 7 – B6-YM10-01-1
3232 Newmark Drive
Miamisburg, OH 45342

PNC HELOC Department:

Phone: 866-622-2657    FAX: 866-641-2691

We seem to be getting conflicting info on numbers. Try these as well.

Fax SS Package to: 937-910-4009 -- Takes 24 hours to make it through their imaging system. Then call: Jonathon 937-910-3327 (he's in PNC's 1st Lienholder Loss Mitigation dept.)  He was very helpful for me. good luck

Here are updated Phone Numbers for PNC Mortgage:

SS Dept # is 888-224-4702

FX: 440-546-2201

FX: 937.910.4009

First Mortgage:800-523-8654

First Mortgage Letter of Authorization:937-910-3333


2nd Mortgage Collections: 866-622-2657 x 44700



PNC Twitter @PNCBank_Help 

[email protected]



Process for Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Hardship Assistance Review

PNC Arms Length Transaction Notice.pdf


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PNC Escalation Contact

Started by Deb Orth Jul 27, 2020. 0 Replies

Does anyone have a contact at PNC?  Getting nowhere in response to submission of short sale package.  Keep getting emails saying they have received the documents.  Then they ask for the same docs…Continue

PNC Escalation

Started by Steve Doan. Last reply by Dean E Eshelman, CPA, CDPE, IRES Jan 23, 2017. 6 Replies

Hello all.  Have a short sale, home value is in the low 700's.  PNC is in the second  position and there is decent amount of equity beyond the 1st.  Having the home on the market for going on a year…Continue

1st and 2nd with PNC

Started by Ashley Den Uyl. Last reply by Sandy Hermes Nov 23, 2015. 1 Reply

The property went to foreclosure sale in 8/20/15. Michigan is a redemption state so we have 6 months from 8/20/15 to complete the short sale. I received an offer on the property and submitted the…Continue

Tags: sale, escalation, second, first, redemption

Help!! Should I resubmit package after seller is past due?

Started by Sandy Hermes. Last reply by Kylee Roe Jun 1, 2015. 5 Replies

Intitated contact with PNC last October and let them know Seller was reaching out for short sale. He could see a new financial obligation that would exceed his mortgage payment beginning in Jan. They…Continue

Tags: on, loan, netproceeds, current, seller

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Comment by Rita Cox on June 14, 2016 at 6:40am

PNC is asking for an FHA addendum. I have looked on the HUD website. Does anyone know where I can find this form? PNC is no help with this

Comment by Short Sale Superstars LLC on January 8, 2015 at 4:43pm

@yvonne email me at [email protected] and I'll see if there is any contacts I can provide you with.

Comment by Yvonne Westerman on January 8, 2015 at 10:33am

Hello All,

Does anyone have any contacts for PNC that have decision making power?  I need to have a file escalated to move for sure.  Just stopped a foreclosure Monday.  Judge gave 45 more days and told PNC counsel to review the contract that I sent in for CASH.  PNC is not just giving me the new sale date and acting as if they have no idea about what they are to doing.  Your help is appreciated in advance.  Thank you

Comment by Kylee Roe on December 15, 2014 at 5:56pm

Hi Brett,

UPB is apprx. 72K, BK discharge is soon--"Notice of Intent to File Discharge" was sent to court already. Yes, 2nd mortgage was stripped with CH. 13 Bankruptcy. However, that does not strip the lien from the property. Only the borrower's responsibility to pay the loan. We are in California. We started out trying to work with both lenders--seemed easier than doing battle to get the lien removed, as PNC said they would still ask for compensation. It's possible though, if they don't cooperate, than once the BK is discharged and finalized, I can go thru the Bk Dept., and get a zero balance demand. Also, we listed to sell in  time  for after the discharge was on file, but a trustee flub, has us extended to December, should've been discharged in July. So, seemed imperative we get both ok's, an easy court order to sell while in BK, but now the timeline is moving smoothly to discharge.

Comment by Short Sale Superstars LLC on December 15, 2014 at 5:00pm

What is the UPB on the 2nd? I'd be escalating to PNC upper management. When is the BK discharged? Based off what you stating the 2nd mortgage lien is being stripped through a CH 13 discharge?

[email protected]


Comment by Kylee Roe on December 15, 2014 at 3:55pm

Hi Superstars!  I have a Short Seller in Bankruptcy. PNC has the second lien, being stripped in the BK. After discharged, in the next few weeks, they cannot collect from the seller, but, they do not have to remove the lien from the property--still blocks the short sale, unless court ordered--which the seller cannot afford additional attorney fees to get the order. 1st lien holder (not in the BK) approved Short Sale, approved 3K to PNC. PNC countered with $43K to them or they would not give SS approval!! PNC is nuts, or has a very good insurance policy on their 2nd lien (a HELOC), and so they don't care if the SS goes thru or not. Any thoughts, feedback or help on this? Appreciated!! Even if I wait until BK final discharge, PNC can still demand payment from the 1st lien's net to release the lien on the home (although they cannot bother the seller any longer).

Comment by Jeanette Becker on September 22, 2014 at 10:28am


The net now has gone from $4,000 to $10,000.  The borrowers do not have the means to come up with this amount.

This is so overwhelming to the borrowers that they have now contacted a bankruptcy attorney.  They would rather complete the short sale but do not see any other means to get out from under this debt.  At this point, they are not getting this property sold due to this impasse.

Regarding the property.  It was listed at $189,000 and we had 6 offers and with each offer, the offer had decreased and we are now at $153,900.  The total owed to both banks is $230,000.  

The house is vacant and has issues with the roof that need to be addressed before winter, the basement has issues with water and with all the rain we have had lately, the drains are backing up and the carpeting is soaked with water.  The sellers have moved out in anticipation of filing for bankruptcy due to the impasse we have encountered with PNC and Farm Credit. The homeowners insurance is running out on the property mid-October.  The property is deteriorating fast and the offers continually go down.  We have a buyer that may not hold on much longer and it is imperative that we get this closed soon.

I appreciate anything that you can do to expedite the process and end this impasse. 

Anyone have escalation numbers?  The PNC negotiator will not work with us and the email that I sent to lori was forwarded to the PNC short sale negotiator!

Comment by Jeanette Becker on September 22, 2014 at 10:28am

Sent an email to [email protected] and it was forwarded to my negotiator who is not cooperating with us on a short sale.  Lori is no longer in the short sale dept.  Got her name from this website.  This is just an FYI on this contact.  Have not heard from [email protected] but his phone number is not his anymore.

This is my story with PNC:

Please help me get this hardship short sale approved.  PNC has the second on a home loan to the above borrowers.  We have had the property on the market for over a year and we are on the 6th buyer.  We have finally gotten the paperwork in to the negotiating process and have had difficulty in getting the sale approved.

Farm Credit has the first on the property and has agreed to the short sale without any repayment on the deficiency.  PNC negotiator  has turned down the settlement for $3500 (this is the normal amount and usually the maximum amount the second is given for a hardship short sale). This was on Sept 5, 2014:  The offer of $3,500.00 has already been reviewed & declined.
If the net to PNC Bank can be increased to $4,000.00, we can accept it as a short sale lien release only.  A 1099A will be issued.  The sellers will be held responsible for the charged off deficiency balance.  Our recovery department will contact them post short sale to make payment arrangements on the balance owed.

If they only want  to work out a settlement, the net to PNC Bank must be increased.

On Sept 18, 2015 I got the following response after explaining that the first mortgagor will not be getting the deficiency balance recovered because they were following the Mortgage Dept Forgiveness Act guidelines.  They will not continue the short sale if PNC does not play by the same rules.  They explained that if PNC does not agree with the offer on this hardship short sale then foreclosure is imminent and they will proceed with that avenue.  In this case, PNC will not get anything.

This is PNC response:
The 1st lender cannot dictate whether or not we settle our account.  We provide the borrower with 2 options: settlement where she is not responsible for the deficiency balance or a short sale lien release only where she will be responsible for the charged off deficiency balance..

The borrower signed the deficiency agreement therefore we can offer her the lien release only option.

If the borrower wants a full settlement, the net to PNC Bank will need to be increased as we are not accepting $3,500.00.

If the net can be increased to $10,000.00, I can get it signed off on.

Comment by Kylee Roe on September 22, 2014 at 9:57am

@Elizabeth--yes, sent in a request to 1st for re-negotiated 3k to second lien. No sense in finally getting a discharge in November, to find out I STILL have to work with the 2nd. Just want to get it done for him and everyone involved. BK trustee really botched it, and made it difficult enough. Thanks for feedback.

Comment by ElizabethWeintraub00697006LyonRE on September 22, 2014 at 9:22am

Kylee: In my experience, it has always been easier to give the second lender after a BK some money to make them go away. An updated negotiation with the first shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks. The problem is people want short sales to make sense, and they don't alway make sense, so you do what needs to be done to close them. Being right as rain doesn't help you if it doesn't close.


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