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I need your comments on this situation I have. The sheriff sale date is in a week.  I have called Nationstar and they will not accept the short sale because the sheriff sale is too close. Just got a cash offer two days ago. I'll be able to adjourn the sheriff sale for another 4 weeks. Do you think Nationstar will accept to start the short sale now knowing that I have 30 days to work on it? Your input will help me a lot if I should still work on this. Thanks. 

Elvie Q. 

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Email me - [email protected]

We MAY be able to stop it, always case by case.  I have a few contacts that 100% do have the authority to stop the sale, and, I can send them to you if you email me (I don't post them on message boards b/c they get FLOODED with questions if I do).

Best of luck, let me know if I can help!



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