Working on a file for 6 months, back in forth twice onewest to service link & it is now with ONEWEST Again no response from ONEWEST NEGOTIATOR emails AT ALL. Property has structural issues 4 BPO's they all agree on value. Every month trustee sale is postpone. Not sure what is the issue. I need to ESCALATE the file for upper management review. While it was with service link escalation team did respond & it transfer to ONEWEST black hole ....appreciate any information.

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Call OneWest and talk to someone - tell them negotiator not returning calls, usually they try to make contact or read notes on file.  I feel your pain- I went through it and then with ServiceLink ignoring calls/emails and an offer only to find out negotiator left and no one told me.  Good luck!

I have a similar situation. We inherited the file from another agent who was really dropping the ball but we pieced the deal together with a higher offer and now our file is the negotiator for almost a month now.

I tried to escalate but even the manager didn't return my calls! The last news we have is that it was submitted for review on the Sept 11th and it is in review for HAFA.

Investor is Wells Fargo. Loan was originated through Green Point as an option arm. Don't know if this makes a difference. 

Anyone have any advice on how to escalate or what the rules are for HAFA response time? 



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