Does anyone know if this is possible? The property is a townhouse in Hawaii. The association foreclosed on nonpayment of maintenance fees. It’s a fannie mae owned loan and serviced by green tree. Green Tree indicated that they are willing to continue on the short sale Does anyone know if I can still do a short sale on this property? Thanks for your help!

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You certainly can do it. I have done 3 here in Hawaii: BoA,Greentree & OCWEN. The association can grant you permission. I presented the request as a complete package before the board and the attorneys, even got a reduction of past maintenance fees. Of course they gave me a time frame so you have to get it approved  before they decide to move in and rent the property out. It helps if the owner is still living in the home so I made sure of that.

Thank you for your quick and informative response. Ill go for it.



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