any insight from anyone?  anything special or peculiar or wonderful about Freedom?

documents faxed like Chase?


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How did this one turn out?

It went pretty good...the FHA appraisal was literally just 3 weeks after I listed the property, the ATP took just 10 calendar days -- the junior lien was the hold up, then the seller couldn't find a place to live.. but Freedom Mortgage was great.  Listing to Closing , about 2 weeks shy of 3 months.  

Thanks for sharing.  I initiated a short sale with Freedom Mortgage about 2 weeks ago.  They had me fax everything to Loan Care Loss Mitigation.  Did they have you do the same thing or did you have a direct contact at Freedom Mortgage?  There is only one mortgage, so I hope we can get it closed within 3 months.  What was your client's hardship? 

Wendy do you a current short sale package checklist from Freedom or did you have to get that from LoanCare?  When working with Freedom Mortgage were you in contact with freedom or did everything have to go through LoanCare or just the doucment collection through loancare?  sounds confusing but Im trying to help a seller now and i have never worked with Freedom Mortgage or LoanCare.  Thanks

To be honest with you, I just don't recall which property was active when I originally posted back in Sept of 2012.  I don't particularly remember anything about Loan Care.  Gosh, I just can't remember the specifics of that file.  Sorry.

I am getting ready to submit a short sale packet to them, anything you can help me with?  Looking for the packet online and not trusting that the one from 2011 is up to date. =)



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