We received an Approval letter yesterday which is good through October 30. The negotiator told us on Monday we would be receiving it this week and to give us a heads up of the October 30 deadline.

The problem is that the Seller is out at sea serving his country and won't be back in the country until Oct. 31 or Nov. 1 and he needs time to move out of the very large house he is living in.

The buyer also needs 45 days to close and everyone has agreed on Nov. 15 but the negotiator.

Is she playing hard ball so that she will get a bonus for an October close?

This is a VA loan and we are contemplating calling the VA to let them know how their servicer is treating a veteran serving their country during a very tense time with the situation in Syria.

Any suggestions? How does escalating over the negotiator's head work at Fifth Third? We were told they were one of the easier banks to work with, but this negotiator is stuck on the end of October. Is it the end of their fiscal year? Quarter?

Thanks for any help or advice anyone can give us.

Sharon and Frank

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