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Homeowner Authorization Form

Fannie Mae Short Sale Affidavit

Fannie Mae Borrower Authorization FILLABLE FORM Version 

Fannie Mae Short Sale Affidavit FILLABLE FORM Version

Fannie Mae Standard Short Sale/HAFA II and Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure Requirements


Fannie Mae Escalation and Offer Registration (Homepath For Short Sales)

Fannie Mae Loan Look Up

Fannie Mae Short Sale: Improving the Short Sale Experience

Fannie Mae Short Sales Frequently Asked Questions by Listing Agents

Fannie Mae Announces New HomePath for Short Sales Escalation Process

8. Are there any Fannie Mae-owned loans that won’t be found in the Fannie Mae Loan Lookup?
Yes. The database for the Fannie Mae Loan Lookup includes about 87 percent of our book of business. The database excludes reverse mortgages and certain other product types, and a few other loans are excluded for miscellaneous reasons.
The Loan Lookup database will be updated monthly, so any loans delivered to Fannie Mae since the last update will not find an accurate match. For these reasons, we encourage borrowers to confirm the results with their servicer.
9. Are there cases in which a borrower might get a “No Match Found” result even though Fannie Mae owns their mortgage?
Yes. The loan could be in our database, but have inaccurate or incomplete information. Properties in multi-unit buildings, such as condos, are especially prone to matching errors because our database may contain only the building address, but not the unit number. Also, there may be a misspelled street name or other error. The database reflects the loan data as it was delivered to us.
Finally, any user error in entering the address information could result in an incorrect result.
For these reasons, we encourage borrowers to confirm the results with their servicer.

Q. What is the commission structure for Fannie Mae short sales?
A: For a short sale, Fannie Mae is a not a party to the listing agreement and does not determine the commission structure. However, a short sale will not be approved if the total commission exceeds 6%.
Q. Does Fannie Mae require that the commission be split equally between the listing and selling agents?
A: No. For a short sale, Fannie Mae is not a party to the listing agreement and does not determine the commission structure or split.
Q: Does Fannie Mae assign listing agents to short sales?
A: Fannie Mae does not assign listing agents to short sales. While some servicers may recommend listing agents, the choice of listing agent is made by the seller.
Q: If an agent represents both seller and buyer on a short sale transaction, will the agent’s commission be reduced or remain at 6%?
A: An agent may represent both the buyer and seller and the agent will receive up to 6% in commission.


*** To report fraud such as 'valuation manipulations' taken from the FNMA guideline on a Fannie Mae property:

"To report potential fraud on a Fannie Mae property:

1-800-7FANNIE (1-800-732-6643)


Discussion Forum

Fannie Mae & predatory loans

Started by Fred Bauscus Jun 30, 2016. 0 Replies

I'm looking for help/suggestions dealing with Fannie on a predatory loan. The borrowers took out an 80/20 back in the day and both notes are interest only ARMs & they've been paying on them for…Continue

Fannie Mae Short Sale or Fannie Mae Deed in Lieu

Started by Tyra General. Last reply by Kevin - Greenville, SC Dec 22, 2015. 2 Replies

Hi,Has anyone ever had a client start the short sale process and decide to move forward with a deed in lieu arrangement? I have a new short sale and know that Fannie Mae may offer up to $10,000 in…Continue

Does Fannie Mae require the Borrower to be Late on Payments to Short Sale?

Started by Myra McCaskill. Last reply by Kevin - Greenville, SC Nov 20, 2015. 3 Replies

Has anyone recently received an approved short sale from Fannie Mae without the Borrower being late on payments? Continue

Value dispute approved - but it's not REALLY approved?

Started by Teresa Keeler. Last reply by London Cox Jun 26, 2015. 3 Replies

So I sent in a value dispute on a Fannie Mae short sale after the buyer's appraisal came in low. I sent it through the portal and 8 days later I received this email:  FMSS-20486 Our analysis of the…Continue

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Comment by Barbara Wing on May 18, 2015 at 1:13pm

Thank you Bryant,  I guess I just needed that extra BOOST!!!  I really thought short sales would get easier after the first round that started in 2007 but they just keep getting more complicated !!!

Comment by Bryant Tutas on May 18, 2015 at 7:37am

hi Barbara,

In Florida I've had all HOA dues paid and I've had them pay 0. You just have to push them. Also work to get the HOA to reduce and see if you can place some on the buyer side.

Have the seller write a letter stating they occupy the property and send to the lender with current utility bill. Again you just have to keep pushing.

Comment by Barbara Wing on May 18, 2015 at 4:11am

I just got this message from FannieMae "Reduced settlement fee to $800. Deleted HOA (only pay condo fees in FL), relo (owner has different address), and lien search. Thanks. Susan."  I thought that the bank has to pay AT LEAST the last year of delinquent HOA fees in Fl?? In reference to 'relo' I do not have a clue what they mean that the owner has a different address.  The seller has a VERY common name but still lives in the house and it is the ONLY house he owns??? and are they saying that they will not pay for the lien search??? 

Comment by Kevin - Greenville, SC on December 11, 2014 at 5:41am
Comment by Ro Reed on March 24, 2014 at 3:15am

Last ditch effort here:  short sale mismanaged by previous agent, languished for 18 months. Took over second week of Feb. with Sheriff Sale date 03/07/14. Got an offer, submitted, lender (First Merit) came back with Fannie's required net on the morning of 03/05 which required another $2000 from buyer. No problem. Everything was signed, sealed, and delivered that morning. Thurs. afternoon negotiator said she was waiting on Fannie's approval?? Fast forward, First Merit bid the min. at the sale. Eventually got to a high level supervisor at FNMA who had reviewed and said FNMA could not do anything: it was FirstMerit who was refusing to rescind. Of course, FirstMerit blames Fannie for not rescinding the sale. Fannie says if the servicer wants it rescinded it will happen. Negotiator not answering calls nor emails now. I have been given 3 other contacts at the bank and none of them will call me back.  Any suggestions??  We have no recourse once we hit 30 days on 04/06/14. 

Comment by Fred Bauscus on January 23, 2014 at 1:53pm

After a 10 month struggle including 3 appraisals, 2 BPO's and three value disputes I was finally able to get Fannie Mae to reduce their perceived value to the point that they accepted the offer on the table without a seller contribution.

I just want to encourage everyone here to never give in fighting Fannie Mae, or any other investor, PMI or servicer.  Explore every angle and avenue for the sake of your clients.  During this saga, I battled with Fannie Mae directly and through the servicer.  My value disputes were over 100 pages long. The seller reached out to their Congressman for assistance (who did have communication w/ Fannie Mae reps). We contemplated reaching out to the media and I filed a complaint with the FHFA.  I don't know if it was a specific event or a combination.  All I know is my hard work paid dividends and I have a relieved and happy seller that will be a life long advocate for my team.

Comment by George Isaacs on January 13, 2014 at 5:57am

Does anyone have a solution/suggestion for this scenario?

Short Sale Buyer in active negotiations with counter offer back to FNMA. FNMA forecloses on property late December. Buyer is living is subject property under a valid lease through June. Now Buyer has been asked to vacate or switch to month to month lease with FNMA, with no consideration of offer or plan to market property until she vacates it... how can we get her offer considered and in front of a decision maker at FNMA?

btw - The buyer's offer are at FMV and of course FNMA came back with self adjusted BPO numbers...

Any ideas on how to get this buyer the home? Thanks in advance!

Comment by Kevin - Greenville, SC on November 26, 2013 at 6:23am

Is anyone having any recent success in getting FNMA to allow the Buyer to pay Judgment Liens on the HUD-1 of course.

Or getting FNMA to pay them out of the sale proceeds?

Comment by Smitty on November 20, 2013 at 4:31pm p. 1

If the subordinate lienholder will not release its lien for $6,000 (or a lesser amount if there are other subordinate lienholders), can the borrower or another party contribute to the lien release payment?

If the subordinate lienholder is accepting the $6,000 (or a lesser amount if the $6,000 is being divided among more than one lienholder) in exchange for a release of its lien, it must not require or accept additional funds from the borrower, real estate agent(s), buyer, or other party to the short sale transaction. When funds are offered from the short sale proceeds to satisfy a subordinate lien, the intent is to obtain a complete settlement of the lien using those funds alone.

Comment by Bill Garrett on November 20, 2013 at 11:57am


Will Fannie permit the HUD to show a third-party POC payment to a credit card judgment?


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