I have a short sale listing where Everhome is the mortgage company.... 1 loan... and clients moved out of the state of california to wyoming due to job moves.  long story short, 8 months later, my client's original loan was 225000.  The house is currently worth 200,000.  There is ONLY 1 loan and i've been getting the run around for months on end and the buyers are ready to walk... can anyone HELP ME PLEASE or any suggestions?????

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A couple of years ago, the president gave my email to xxxxxxx - seems to be an assistant to him and worked hard at getting things straightened out.  Homeowner Solutions Group Advocate; 800-669-7724 ext 6963;  If she is still there, she wouldn't remember me and she would not want me giving out her name, so I wasn't here...

I PRAY she's still there and doesn't mind my call 'cause I'm sick of this company...I've NEVER heard of them before and have been nothing but a NIGHTMARE... THANK YOU I WILL TRY CALLING!...'n I would never give anyone's information out EVER...especially if it was not ok with the other person...THANKS A MILLION!

email me and I'll track down some contacts from 6-8 months ago....they are awful and even FNMA and FHA agrees!  [email protected]

I'm having the same situation.. my file was previously with B of A.. finally got my ATP and the loan was transferred to Everhome.  I think they look at their files once a month, resulting in a constant need for new paperwork.  I have been in the "Final Stages" for months now... any help would be great!!

National Servicing Center - NSC.  Put in a Help Ticket ASAP.  Do it every time you think they've dropped the ball or made another error or oversight on something. 

Hi Rachael can you give me some more info on NSC Thanks Ron like a web address? and maybe more dtails of what to do?

Rachael my email is [email protected]


FHA staff are available to help answer your questions and assist you to better understand your options as an FHA borrower under these loss mitigation programs. There are several ways you can contact FHA for more information, including:


Call the NSC at (877) 622-8525


The Online FHA Resource Center (see link below)

 -   Call the FHA Outreach Center at 1-800-CALL FHA (800-225-5342)
 -   Persons with hearing or speech impairments may access this number via TTY by calling the Federal Information Relay Service at (800) 877-8339

Email the FHA Resource Center


Did you ever get a resolution to this issue? I am about to start a short sale with these folks and would like to get all the information that I can upfront on them so that I am prepared for what is ahead.... I was concerned as soon as I saw that we need to fax everything in to them.... is this the kind of servicer where we need to overnight a package also like in the old days when they constantly lost everything at the banks? Thanks for the info


I did NOT receive resolution. I had to call HUD for assistance, however I don't believe that did me any good.  Since posting this back in January, I have to say we just received the ATP., Now we are waiting for the approval of the sale.  I just pray this does NOT take as long as it did to get the ATP (mind you, we have been in process since June maybe of 2012 and deficient by maybe 15,000 now and only 1 loan.).... Now as far as faxing is concerned, they are good about getting all the pages and not losing anything.  When you are assigned a negotiator, you can scan all your docs and e-mail them directly to the negotiator without a problem.  They are good at getting the paper work and not losing it they are extremely bad in moving the file anywhere past go.  LOTS OF LUCK TO YOU....this is the WORST bank/servicer ever! :0(  

Thanks for the info Veronica!  I am sorry that you have had to go through so much with this one. I remember that once in the beginning of all of this, I had one that took 3 years to get closed. It was such a nightmare! We even had to get the Cal Gov involved in that one.

I will try to keep you posted on how it goes for me dealing with this servicer. WE can compare notes....



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