CitiBank refuses to accept Third Party Authorization unless it's on their form??

Hi all,

My seller has a 1st w/Chase and a 2nd w/Citibank. Did a Chapter 7 BK which has been discharged. Everything moving right along w/Chase -- Citibank is refusing Third Party Authorization form unless it is their very own form. Won't direct us to where to find form -- they say the seller needs to call them directly so they can send him the form.


Is there a super secret form I am not aware of for Citibank? Or is the Third Party Authorization form that is located in the Hardship Package (referenced in the resources of this group) the one that we should be using? HELP!

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Coleen, I think it is in the short sale hardship package. If not, just follow their instructions and have the seller call in. Citi is easy enough to deal with

Hi Jeff - thanks so much! See, that's what I thought -- but the Citi person said no, seller needed to call them to request the form. So silly. :)

yup, no difficulties here. Just have your seller call citibank. Easy. Done

Thank you!

Page 4 of the Workable Solutions Package on this group website - no big deal....

Thanks so much!

Thanks! :)

Hi:  Just "google" Citi and it will come up. I hope I took the address off this one but nothing has been filled out and you can use this one.




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