Offer and all docs submitted in February and BPO done in early March. All updated seller docs and CD submitted 3 weeks ago Citi says BPO was not done. Yes it was and I supply them with BPO agents name and cell number. Ok they find it and new negotiator assigned. I start inquiry with her and she says

Thank you for your email. I am checking status internally and so should have this information shortly. I will be in touch

That was April 5th

Any recommendations?

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Yep, let my team deal with this for you next time!!!

(we process for agents all over the country)

I would escalate the file to upper management, and, also reach out to the Investor (decision maker) directly.

As far as a "new negotiator" - do you know if it went to the next level for review, or, if your previous negotiator quit/was fired (the average length of employment for negotiators is 2-4 months before they quit).

Depending on the answer to the above, you may be right on track, back at square one, or 10-14 days before your "new" negotiator reviews the file.

Either way, I would escalate the file up the food chain (email me and I can give you some of our contacts at CITI)

[email protected]

Best of luck!



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