2ND LIEN CITI sells to American Coradius INT'L(Collections)

I finally got approval on 1st lien , then called 2nd lien CITI to offer $6K to their payoff that they agreed to , but they sold it to ACI who wants a lot more than $6k that Freddie mac offered on the approval letter. How can i get ACI to agree to the $6k, because thats as good as it gets or else a foreclosure.Can i negotiate w/ CITI anymore? Thx- Bob

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BTW the 2nd lien due is $37K and approval letter from Nationstar will pay $6k which is the max from Freddie Mac. Will ACI likely take that amount, which is 16% ?

Citi likely sold that loan for less than 10 cents on the dollar to ACI and ACI will squeeze for as much as possible or just let it go to F/C.  Since the 2nd was sold, they can collect as an unsecured debt and collect the entire amount from the debtor/seller.  Neither Citi nor ACI will release the lien until ACI has been satisfied.  (Catch-22)

Have the buyer for a short sale with Citi being handled by an attorneys office. I am the buyers agent. Attorney's office says seller filed BK and the 2nd is charged off. Citi says it's not a priority for them so will only communicate with the seller via snail mail. We've had the offer in since June and nothing, no updates. Any advise is welcomed.



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