I submitted a short sale back in April. The BPO was done in MAY and the file has been at a complete stand still since. They keep transferring the file from negotiator to negotiator. I just called them again and no one can give me a supervisor or get the new negotiator on the phone. Does Chase have a escalation number or anyone have a contact for me to call to get this looked at. Our net meets what they need and we just need the file to be submitted before the buyer walks away this week. I have been doing short sales since 2005 and NEVER had such a bad experience with Chase.

Do they have a twitter account to escalate like Bank of America does or anything?

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Try 855-733-7131, tell them that you have exhausted all other avenues...If this does not work, then email me at [email protected] for another resource.

Good luck, jan

Yes try that number, tell them your story and you have no where else to turn. Make sure they send a email to the Negotiator and his or her manger they will let you know that to give them 48 hours to respond, they will also start a case on this as well so that they will respond if they don't.

Yes, I had a similar problem on one I just closed on Friday finally.  We had a partial claim 2nd lien from a prior modification but had received the approval from HUD back in May 2013 right after the file was transferred from Met Life to Chase.  From sometime in early June until July 17th the file was simply 'lost' within the belly of the beast that Chase seems to be becoming, unfortunately. 


I escalated to the Executive Office for Resolution at 1-888-310-7995.  Every single time I got the run around, I called into that number to have them patch me through to the negotiator directly (as I could never get in touch with the any other way) and asked the person at the Executive Office to stay on the line and monitor the call.  I have to say, mine was particularly difficult with the partial claim, the move from one servicer to another, loss of a buyer 3 weeks before closing and then having to get the new buyer in the system, etc.  We finally closed this one just a few days ago, but it was much more difficult than it had to be in large part because of the disorganization going on within Chase.  I am hoping that it will work itself out as Chase in the past, has been one of the better companies to work with on negotiations.


I have to give a plug for this site, as this is where I found that number to begin with a couple of month's ago.  Way to go Shortsale Superstars!  Thank you to the founders and contributors to this extremely helpful and informative website.

Is the file in Equator?  If so, have you tried including the next level up in a message?  Don't spam everyone available, but include the supervisor.  Then message the supervisor & manager and so on.  The other question is have you tried to escalate to the investor (or MHS if its HAFA)?


Call the Office of the President and have messages sent to the negotiator and their supervisor. Obtain their supervisors contact information and start calling them. I'd also send the CEO an email, so an escalation representative will be assigned to the file. It sounds like you are getting the run around and this should be an easy fix if you reach out to the right people. I'd be calling on this all day until the file got reassigned or a resolution occurred as what you are stating is unacceptable.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me as my door is always open.

[email protected]



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