Has anyone closed a Chase short sale where Chase was the actual Investors(Not Fannie/FHA) and they allowed a 2% or 3% sellers concession??

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Yes, many times. It depends on what type of financing the buyer is obtaining. If they aren't getting a government loan than the chance of a credit to their closing costs being approved is decreased exponentially.

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You can get 3% all day if you push them and talk to the right people.

Chase WILL also pay 8% commission on their portfolio loan short sales if it is on the HUD and Listing Agreement!!!

Let me know if you need help (we process for Agents, no charge).

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Thomas, as long as they are getting their required net they will give a credit up to 3% to the buyer

Ben, per my contacts at CHASE they have never heard of 8% commission  can you supply proof?

Tony Morales

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They pay it on their portfolio loan short sales if it is on the HUD and on the original Listing Agreement

(which is one of several reasons you should always always always find out who the Investor is on the loan prior to initiating)!!!

There are 2 other BIG banks that pay bigger commissions, 8% and 10% (I tell you which ones in my new book you can get on Amazon)

How about uploading an approval letter or final HUD that confirms this



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