The number used to be 877-496-9025, but hasn't worked in quite some time.  I need to escalate a file that has been sitting in processing and not moving forward.  Thanks!

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Call into the short sale department and ask to be transferred to the escalation department or speak to a manager. The other option would be to call Chase's Executive Office Of The President to open a case.

[email protected]


I am having problems getting much of a response out of Chase on a file too. :(

Hello Vanessa,

I found that the best way to escalate your Chase file is to tweet them at @ChaseSupport.  You should receive a response in very short order.  All other ways I have tried simply do not work.  They will get right on it and get some initial action, but you will probably have to do this more than once because it doesn't seem to take.

Good luck!



This has helped in the past with Bank of America, so I will try with Chase - thanks Michele!

Thanks so much everyone!  I will try Tweeting and if that doesn't work, then the Escalation office it is.  I'll let you know what works! 

Any one have  a email address for escalation to Chase?

Thank You,


any luck tweeting? 



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