FYI - the agent resource center links provided above do not work, or do not provide short sale packages (11/8/16). Has anybody heard of the BAC General Customer Realtor Information Worksheet? How about the Borrower Election form? Do you know where I can locate these? has no links to short sale forms. Has anyone else run into a problem getting the current forms?Thanks

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Wendy Rulnik and Broker Bryant, are you aware that the agent resource center link showing on this page is outdated? Do either of you know where an agent can find the current BAC short sale package online? Or who to call to get one?  Your immediate help is appreciated.

fyi - the email for property preservation also failed. If I can get better information, I'll share it here.  But so far, all I am getting is a big run-around concerning getting a complete short sale package.

Is the file FHA or who is the investor? The BAC forms depends on the investor. I recommend you initiate the file into equator and begin working with the short sale department to get the correct documents. It's a standard SS package + BAC documents.

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Thanks, Brett. I tried equator first, then got the short sale file opened via faxing documents to the HELOC short sale department fax:866-808-5050. Received a letter 7/26/16 from BAC stating that the file was opened and someone would be assigned and would follow-up with me within 30 days. Never happened. I've been getting the phone and email run-around since then. Also, the twitter help was no help at all. But, I complained on the Facebook page yesterday, and got every document I need delivered to my email box today. Lesson: hit 'em on Facebook if you want results.

Is this a heloc account? If so, you need the heloc package and it can be emailed to them.

I'm working a new short sale right now.  Opened file in Equator and BofA Rep is sending required documents (including the Third Party Authorization) to me one by one.  I guess they no longer have one place where we can get all of the required forms.  I have search and searched.  So I simply wait for them to tell me which form to fill out next.  It's moving along very quickly though.  This is a Cooperative SS w/MI.  

Thanks for the update, Chris McGee.

Here's a couple of the required forms.




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