Does anyone else have the problem with BOA saying that they have not received ANY of the documents that you have sent to them? I have the same problem with BOA Heloc and ended up having to escalate and escalate to get it straight.

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I thought maybe this post was dated May 2, 2006, not 2016. Did a double take to see that we are back to that again. Equator fixed most of that stuff, but B of A doesn't use Equator anymore. Try tweeting BoA_help.

Thanks I will. They are a true nightmare!

Yes, Had the same exact thing happen to me!!!  I sent a short sale pkg on 3/28 to Jaxheloc email address and got a confirmation of receipt.  The negotiator was only forwarded part of the file and asked me on 4/12 for the exact same docs, which I sent 5 minutes after we spoke, on 4/26 he again asked for the exact same docs.  He never would confirm via email any docs he had received.  Finally I emailed the "closer" and complained that the spam filter they used must be too strong because the asset manager never received any of my emails (wink wink.)  all of a sudden I got a call from the asset manager...  What happened???  BofA use to be so good through the process....



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