Hello everyone. I have a situation with BofA. I'm currently doing short sale with them. After sending all required documents, they state that they have doing an internal review of all documents. A week later they send me a decline letter ( failed internal quality review). I spoke with the relationship manager and she informed me that it was decline because the buyer offer was too low, after talking with her, she decided that she would reopen the file. One week past, I got another email that said corrected decline letter which state the same reason as before. My question is, who can I talk to at BofA or what other options do I have to get this file moving along?. I forgot to mention that BofA did not counter offer, they just decline the offer.

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Well you did not say what type loan product you have, also BAC has been sending the results of the BPO or Appraisal thru Equator and with this being the case depending on the type of loan will determine the type of net they are looking for..

It's been really easy when they send the results of the BPO to advise the value..




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