We have received a second appraisal from the short sale lender that is far too high for the condition of the property and the market.

Ironically the short sale lender is stating the value is the same as the previous appraisal.  We are waiting to receive a copy of the actual appraisal.

Has anyone had success with disputing a VA appraisal with comparables and damage repairs from licensed contractors?

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Contact VA and try to speak to the assigned rep that overseas your region when it comes to matters like this. Disputing VA appraisals isn't an easy thing. Remember, they typically want to NET 85.05% minimum of the appraised value.

[email protected]



I am waiting to see the official appraisal report and I'll work on a dispute after.
We tried disputing previously because the appraiser did not note any of the damage which we have contract estimates for.  VA and the appraiser were unwilling to adjust the value and we had to wait for it to expire to re-order a new one.

However, they are saying the value (ironically) is exactly the same as the last appraisal.

They should be adjusting for condition damage, correct?

Hi Rose -

The servicer has limited authority on these matter.  I see you did contact VA directly -  Here is what I use: 

1. No more than 3 comparable sales that closed prior to the effective date of the VA
appraisal report that are considered to be more reflective of the subject property’s
market value. These sales should be provided on a grid (see attachment)

2. MLS printouts for each sale identifying the sales data and the seller concession
information should be included on the grid (special VA form you can download)

3. send everything to [email protected]

Good luck! MYclosing has been very successful in VA value disputes. 



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