Where can we report to Chase the unprofessional treatment their clients are been subjected with SPS

I am Realtor trying to help a client process a short sale. 
The first buyer walked because they got tired of waiting. We received a second offer and submitted it to the SPS right away and got acknowledgement of them receiving this July 17th 2019. A week later they closed the file citing that the buyer cancelled offer in error because the buyer they were referring to in the letter was the previous buyer not the current buyer. Since this happened we have tried to continue with the process and they tried to lie to me stating the home owner wanted to keep the property but I knew this was incorrect as she lost her job. The last time I spoke to them a Rep contacted someone in Utah which stated that Chase no longer allows more than one buyer on a short sale which Chase confirmed this is not true and that this property was referred to the foreclosure department.
I have been trying to speak with a Manager that supposedly had escalated the problem and we have yet to get an answer and every time I call this person is not available and I leave messages asking for a call back to no avail.
For a bank that lies to try to force a shortsale on a homeowner with a true hardship this is not only unprofessional but unethical. SPS representatives have lied twice to us! This is unbelievable. I certainty hope you can escalate this issue. I am contacting Chase Headquarters to let them know what is transpiring here and the Better Business Bureau and the respective associations that offer protection to consumers.
I reported and requested an investigation via their ombudsman rep and here again I got another explanation for the shortsale not to be approved, they said they had 30 days to investigate but cite as a potential reason that the owner no longer lives at the property.
I wish I can bring all this up to Chase but they tell me they cannot see the file as it is with SPS, there has to be upper management that can address such a debacle. Can anyone suggest a way to get this address?

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Yeah, this is happening. I have 3 listing in the last month fall apart because of this due to SPS and the guideline they are enforcing on chase backed assets or accounts came from chase. They are pushing people towards cash for keys or foreclosure. Praying they change this guideline sooner than later. 95% of these transactions will fail due to this new guideline.


But it seems it is SPS when I have spoke with Chase they say that is not their policy but they say they cannot do anything because the short sale is been service by SPS. Do you think that perhaps trying to get to Chase and let them know the poor job SPS is doing. After all they are Chase clients.

Calling Chase the mortgage servicer is different than reaching someone who can help on notes that are backed by Chase. Calling Chase typically won't help. I opened a case with Chase OOP but they aren't able to help with matters like this. I know someone who may be litigating against SPS for a client so lets see if they bend as a settlement

Thanks for your response Brett.

File with the consumer protection finance bureau and your AG's office

The more these organizations hear about the improper servicing the more pressure SPS will feel.

Oh, dealing with cases like that is such torture. I used to have similar problems almost every month, and you can't even imagine how stressful it was. I bet I was taking these gummies https://www.cornbreadhemp.com/product/full-spectrum-cbd-gummies/ every day to feel better, and without them, I couldn't have a night of better sleep. So I just hope that you managed to solve it and that it was the last time you faced such problems.



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