Can anyone give me a good explanation that I can pass along as to the benefit of the service member signing this waiver? I sure cant get a good one from Wells Fargo

The form is attached.


Waiver of rights.pdf

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  • I can't see any benefit at all. Your service member needs to:

     CONSULT AN ATTORNEY: To fully understand your rights under the law, and before waiving your
    rights, you should consult an attorney.
    JAG / LEGAL ASSISTANCE: Servicemembers and their dependents with questions about the SCRA
    should contact their unit’s Judge Advocate, or their installation’s Legal Assistance Officer. A
    military legal assistance office locator for all branches of the Armed Forces is available at
     MILITARY ONESOURCE: “Military OneSource” is the U.S. Department of Defense’s information
    resource. Go to

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