Hi guys, I currently have a Short Sale with Wells Fargo and I just came to find out that they have recorded a $14K lien onto the property and before they can proceed with the SS in Equator, I have to get that lien released for $2500 or less.  Well.. the thing is the lien is from Wells Fargo and the mortgage is also Wells.  That don't make sense, they're basically asking me to negotiate the $14K and get that release first then they will process the SS?  Why can't they just handle this themself?

In any case, my client is not even aware of the $14K lien they filed on the property or why it is there, what should I do?  And is this normal for the bank that is filing foreclosure also filing liens on the property? 

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They won't budge from 75% of the balance.  Good news is that the bank is willing to chip in $2500 at closing. 



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