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I have a short sale being processed through equator with Well's Farog. They found two liens one for Midland Mortgage and one for Georgia Department of Revenue. Both have the same names as my clients, but DO NOT belong to them.  WF is requesting a common name affidavit. Does anyone know where I might find one of these?

This is my first through WF and they have requested everything but the kitchen sink, and I think that will be next.

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Your title company should be able to provide this.

Here you go.

How did you solve this situation? I am currently undergoing the same situation.
Thank You Kevin for the help.

I am dealing with this right now. Wells Fargo sent a blank name affidavit for seller to fill in and sign -- every time I've seen something like this before, the different ways name is spelled are listed out and THEN person signs to certify that those spellings all refer to her/him.

Apparently the lender would have this info -- garnered from a credit report - re different names the party's name is spelled.

As it is we have a blank form so this is just a shot in the dark. I have a note into Wells Fargo about it --in the meantime I have sent blank form along to seller asking them to list the most common ways they spell their name on this form and then have it notarized.

Is that how everyone else is handling it?

Well, at least they sent you a form. I didn't even get that much. Our issue was that there was someone else in town with the exact same name who had a ton of debt in collections. This has been an ongoing issue for sometime. What Well's had requested was a common name affidavit and did not supply it. One of our closing attorneys here supplied me with a form to use.

All names everywhere have to match.  Pull your Prelims and make sure they match the loan docs.  A good Title Co. is imperative in helping with this.

Also, if they used a middle initial or middle name on one form or another, you need to include that too.



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