It seems like it is getting more and more challenging to get lenders to reconsider value. Is anyone doing anything different or I guess I should be asking what are you doing thats working for re consideration of value?

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Agreed.  I feel like every file I need to do a dispute on.  Literally everything is a fight.  I have a file right now where the BPO Agent valued it at $650,000.  Every offer we had was between $620,000 - $650,000 so not too far off.  We had offer at $650,000 so we thought we were ok.  They ordered an appraisal - $750,000.  Now we have to get repair estimates, etc...sooo much more work - every file is like that.  WORLDS apart from actual value.

Depends on who the investor or insurer is. FHA, VA, USDA,  Reverse Mortgages, are to be treated differently than FNMA, FHLMC, and private investors.

Are you providing comps and bids to the appraiser or BPO agent when they go out to the property if serious work is needed?

What sort of items are you providing post value to complete a value dispute?

I still have success with value disputes on our end if warranted, but it is always speculative.

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