Upcoming Webinar – Let DBM Hand Feed You A Successful Marketing Campaign For 2014

Good day Superstars,

You’ve gotta let me show you the potential you have in successfully generating leads for your real estate business in

2014. All craziness to the side, we’ll be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 called – “The Results Are In!

Sneak Peak to Insider Marketing Secrets of Successful Real Estate Agents! Here’s How They’re Doing It!”

Take a look at the details here and then reserve your spot -


During this webinar, Granison will discuss:

• The “Seller” lead generation marketing campaign Real Estate Agents are using across the country in various


• The 5 components you’ll want to incorporate into your marketing campaign to have “Seller Lead” generation

success like the other agents.

• What Call-to-Action (CTA) they’re using to convert online and offline prospects into high quality leads.

• Actual lead generation and conversion results from DBM’s list of clients that market to get seller leads. Plus,

reasons why some of them are converting leads-to-listings at over 50%.

• How you can start generating your own high quality seller leads

Plus, we’re going to give you a free Real Estate Marketing flowchart so you can “SEE” what your marketing campaign

should look like.

Webinar details are as follows:

• Date: Wednesday, 2/19/2014

• Time: 10:00am PST (11:00am MST, 12:00pm CST, 1:00pm EST)

• Location: your computer

• Investment: $0 – no charge

• Registration Link: http://directbusinessmarketing.com/webinar201402sneakpeek/

We’ll be talking to you soon!

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