The attorney's office handling the shortsale for the seller, for the past 4 months, has now said they just found out that the USDA is the "investor" and we need their approval to move forward. But no one has a "Contact Name or Number" to even get with the USDA. How can this be, and has anyone had this problem?

Thank you in advance for ANY information/experience you can share!!



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Cindi, first problem is "the attorneys office handing the short sale for the seller"!

Knowing who the investor is would be short sale 101.  How or why would they not already know this?   Contact your local USDA office and let them know and ask for a contact.  USDA is much like VA or FHA in terms of short sales. I have closed a few.

USDA likes everything current and all your doc ducks in a row, Attorney should be fired LOL, lender has the contact!



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