My daughter and her fiance would like to initiate a short sale with U.S. Bank.  Is there any hope or is it completely hopeless?  From the comments I've read, U.S. Bank is The Worst lender to deal with.  This is a perfect home for them, and the buyer is more than anxious to do it.  Any words of advice?


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be patient, and when you make an offer, insist that the seller use a professional negotiator, not just an agent who went to a seminar and who is now an "expert."

US Bank isn't the worst.  I've found Midland and PNC to be two of the worst to deal with.  US Bank isn't the best either, but they are doable. 

I love US issues with them here....

I agree, they can be slow so prepare to wait it out:)

I haven't had problems with US Bank.



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