Seller is refusing to give any more financial information to Bank of America

I have a seller that applied for the HAFA program 3 times and he has been declined 3 times.  He is now lived in the home for 2 years without making a mortage payment.  Bank of America informed me that they will not even consider a short sale without all the documentation that they require.  My sellers response was "fine they can foreclose". He now plans on moving out of the property in the next few weeks.  Have any of you come across a scenario like this and if so HELP!!!!

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I have a similar case with one of my Short Sale, we kept on sending in the information to the B of A for 1st and the second, in the mean time B of A  had sold the 2nd  to RTC, seller did not want to give any information to RTC as he does not trust RTC with his personal information, he had read some pretty negative things about RTC. In the mean time house is vacant, Bank of America now maintaing the house for one year.



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