The lender for the buyer wants the seller to sign a seller affidavit and acknowledgement. It seems pretty standard to me. However the seller is reluctant to sign it. The lender will not close without it being signed. The short sale negotiator is not able to provide any help. Should I refer her to a lawyer regarding this? We are supposed to close on the 26th.

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Why won't they sign it? That's a problem.

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the seller has a condo and there are liens that the buyer has to pay. She is worried that the paperwork from the BIOS bank is not going to permit the payment of the liens from the buyer. The HUD statement was submitted to them and they don't have a problem with it she's just worried and she doesn't understand the verbiage so she won't sign. She's going to go into foreclosure if she doesn't sign off on the paperwork. From what I'm looking at the verbiage is fine. They just talking about the things that they will pay. It has nothing to do with the condo liens.



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