General question. I have a seller who is insisting on asking the bank for relocation assistance in their short sale, and has specified the amount they want to "cover their moving costs".  I have tried to explain to the seller that some banks do not offer it at all and that they do not have to.  What is advice from the group?

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Who is the investor on the loan? What type of loan was used to purchase the property? Is the property occupied by the seller? Once I have this information I'd have a better idea of what sort of relocation incentive the seller would be potentially eligible for, then I could educate the seller and set potential expectations based on this. How much money is the seller asking for? Typically 10,000 through HAFA is the most a seller will get unless if they are solicited for a special incentive for more ( You don't see this often anymore. )

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it is an FHA short sale. the Approval to Participate had $750 for the relocation incentive. The seller has said this isn't enough and wants more. Seller is in an apartment now, not actively occupying the property

Then she will receive NO relocation assistance....since it is specifically for relocating from the subject property.



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